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In today’s fast changing world, sustainable future proof web applications have become an important pillar for achieving online success. A common question asked by clients is,“when can I consider re-designing and development of my website?” The answer to this question can be given in detail only after examining the website. But we can certainly point top three conditions when you should consider a web redesign and development.

  • Your website is using an outdated technology and is not competent in comparison to websites utilizing latest web technologies. A common example can be that you are using website that is not based on content management system. By doing this you are losing out from the players that are expanding their business by content marketing.
  • Your website does not look attractive and is not in-line with the targeted audience.
  • Your website is missing some functionality.

The digital world is very dynamic, and so being technologically updated is extremely important for a successful online presence.



From changing the design of the website to adding new functionality or migrating your current website to prevailing content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, we provide technological makeover of your websites with the aim to fulfil your business goals and to help you in unleash the new growth opportunity.

Key features of a typical dynamic web design project:

  • Custom frontend design to meet your aspiration.
  • Backend upgradation to enhance sustainability.
  • Addition of functionality.
  • SEO Friendly website to enhance your search engine ranking.
  • Responsive website to engage potential customers who prefer mobile for browsing.
  • 24x7 support. We work round the clock to address the issue faced by our customer.
  • Proactive project analytics and status reporting to gain customer satisfaction.


Project Lifecycle

The web redesigning project consists of four phases. Our working philosophy is aimed to get enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Discussion & Planning: In the first phase of the project we understand your requirements and new ideas. We then analyse the website to find out the hooks and glitches at both the frontend and backend. We provide you with the detailed reports of our analysis along with the impact assessment rating. Upon your approval, we move to the next phase.
  • Designing: On the basis of finalized plan we perform the design changes. If you have opted for complete design change we provide you with prototype for approval. In other cases we directly implement the changes and make it live on our demo server for your preview and approval.
  • Development: As per the finalized plan our developers implements the changes. Anything related to functionality or migration of the website to open source CMS is done at this stage. At this stage your new website with enhanced features and looks is ready to be deployed.
  • Testing & Deployment: Upon your approval in the development phase, we test the website on various parameters and provide you a brief report on it along with the hand-over. You can also ask us to deploy your website to your server or to a cloud.

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