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What is a Web Based Software?

Web-based softwares are those that we use through a web browser over the internet, which can be called the future of software industry, inherently. Some of the most common examples of web-based softwares that we use are internet banking, mailing services, etc.


Why should I consider it for my business?

Web-based softwares have many advantages over traditional desktop-based softwares. It is platform independent, running on web browsers. Below mentioned are the key advantages of a web-based software in comparison to traditional desktop-based software.

  • Accessibility:  The first major advantage of web-based software is accessibility. You can work from anywhere around the globe through internet.
  • Data Centrilization & Backup:  Since data is centralised, you get to use it anywhere, anytime. You can make it available to your team, depending on their roles, thus ensuring a better relationship with your customers. We can setup access restriction on the basis of your business requirement and various other security measures, like, 2-factor authentication. Due to data centralisation, it is very easily backed-up, which, if we consider a desktop-based software, is a rather cumbersome process.
  • Security:  In traditional desktop/laptop-based softwares, the data is stored in the device, which makes it compulsory to keep your desktops or laptops updated and secured to ensure smooth running without any security breaches. This is not the case with web-based softwares, as these run on server or cluster of servers, reducing the multiple security breach points to a larger extent.
  • No Installation or Updates:  Web-based softwares do not require any regular updates or software installation. It is also platform-independent and can be accessed through a browser from Mac-, Windows- or Linux-based device.


Which softwares do you currently develop?

We provide scalable, resilient and secure web based software that is custom build as per your business needs. We leverage latest technology tools to build enterprise class software with a short turn-around time. Currently we provide software in following segments:

  • Human Resource Management Software
  • Payroll Management Software
  • Customer Relationship Management Software
  • Project Management Software
  • Affiliate Management Software
  • Attendance Management Software


What is the support you provide for the software?

We provide 24x7 premium service to our clients. Online and onsite training is provided at the time of project handover.

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